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Mission of Itty Bitties and Beyond

Breastfeeding comes all naturally, however, it never means that it always comes easily. We a fully inclusive practice and our Lactation Consultants offer professional advice and considerate support for the new moms.


Why choose Itty Bitties and Beyond?

We are a team of professional and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), offering all-inclusive support for breastfeeding. We can help mothers with newborn regarding a broad spectrum of issues and subjects. This may include  education about prenatal breastfeeding, help to learn fundamental latch techniques, address the issue of low milk supply and overactive letdown, techniques to establish a milk supply, issues related to breastfeeding in the initial postpartum stage, concerns about extended breastfeeding, exclusive methods of pumping,mother’s concerns about returning back to work, co-nursing, tandem nursing, induced lactation for non-birthing and adoptive parents, understanding infant stomachache, importance of infant reflux after feed, and all concerns related to breastfeeding in a challenging environment.


We Are Here To Make a Difference in Life of New Parents

We are passionate about educating parents on the choices they make related to breastfeeding. We would like you to know that we are here to help and support you because we are fully aware of the fact that bringing home a newborn is a really special moment for the parents. We are committed to providing considerate and high grade learning about prenatal and postpartum phases and offer lactation assistance to mothers throughout the complete course of motherhood. We are well-versed in assisting mothers and babies over the regular period of breastfeeding in addition to offering special support for breastfeeding challenges. We seek out to enable the new mothers to achieve what their bodies are naturally intended to do.

Going above and Beyond

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Clear Lake City and surrounding areas have breastfeeding support are now in the local area.


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